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My husband and I left New York City a year ago. At the time Trent and I were living in the brand new NeWeBu (NorthEastish West Bushwick) neighborhood of Brooklyn. We moved there 2 years ago from Okolona, Ohio (Go Woodchucks!) We loved our jobs. My husband sold artisanal cheese made from a small goat farm we built on our fire escape. I reviewed brunches on Tik Tok. We loved our Brooklyn apartment more than life itself and planned to stay there forever, or at least until an apartment in SeWeBu opened up.

When Covid hit New York at the…

It’s been a long time coming but the much delayed Black Widow movie is finally being released! We get to see Scarlet Johansson back as Natasha, kicking butt and taking names. We had to wait a year for Black Widow the movie but its taken almost 60 years for the Black Widow to get here. First appearing in the pages of Iron Man in 1964, there’s quite a difference from what the Black Widow began as to the super hero she is now.

How different was the original Black Widow?

Black Widow…Iron Man villain

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We’ve all been there. Lying in bed, nodding off, just about ready to get a good night’s sleep. Then it happens. Your brain decides there’s one last thing it wants to say before bed.

Did you lock the door?

Maybe you did. Sure you did. You must have, you do it every night. Have you ever forgotten to lock the door? No, but you don’t actually remember doing it. You’re sure it’s locked….but what if it isn’t?

That fight from that time a while back

Ok, that fight was from like 10 years ago but you were right! You’re mad just thinking about it. This is dumb. It’s so long ago no one…

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It was another bad first date for Mac.

Being a single pasta in NYC wasn’t easy, but Mac was determined. She was going to make it in the big city. She’d done well for herself so far. Mac wasn’t a big star like Spaghetti or Linguine, but people around town were getting to know and love her.

Still, as successful as she got, Mac felt something was missing. Mac was okay being alone, but a part of her wanted to share her success with a partner. So Mac had thrown caution to the wind and started dating. Now she found…

Michael Ganley

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